mandarin orange.

H&M denim biker jacket | Zara basic flowing tank top | Zara faux leather athletic shorts | Zara leather court heels | LuvAJ brass cross necklace | LuvAJ brass cross ring | Zara faux leather sack clutch | Essie "meet me at sunset" nail lacquer

In advance, I sincerely apologize for the hiatus!  Work deadlines, photography projects, planning for my sister's wedding, and planning for my own wedding have pretty much consumed my entire life the past few weeks. Sometimes it is just a matter of juggling priorities and taking in consideration that any kind of moderation of busyness is healthy. Needless to say, I am back and happy to share with you all a look I have been keen on wearing quite a bit lately. The sun has become much stronger with her rays during these past couple of weeks. I have felt that getting dolled up in vibrant, fiery orange is just the way to complement the steady rise in temperatures. As the sun's heat tampers off towards evening, I throw on this lightweight denim jacket. And how cool is this bag? I have always been drawn to the rolled up, "sack lunch" look designed bags, and when I saw this cognac hued one in Zara, I knew it would have a nice spot in my wardrobe. I will be taking a nice little vacation off from work later this week, so many more outfit posts to share with you all during that time! Love you all. 


89 darling comments:

Farrah said...

Great outfit, and good luck with all the wedding planning, that all sounds very very stressful but of course well worth it!

Meghan Elizabeth said...

I love that bag so much!! You look awesome, I love your blog's style <3

Elrese Voges said...

Loving your outfit the nude shoes and bag perfectly compliments the outfit. You have such impeccable style thank you for inspiring me x x

A N D R E A said...

loving your shoes!! <3


A N D R E A said...

loving your shoes!! <3


kamila said...

nice style; DD

i invite to me too

Elisa ♥ said...

lovely outfit and amazing pictures <3 looks like those magazine pictures ^^

Elisa ♥ said...

lovely outfit and amazing pictures <3 looks like those magazine pictures ^^

Noush said...

Great outfit, I love this orange color :)

kcomekarolina said...

love your bag!

xoxo from rome

Ann said...

You're looking so chic in there
love your top and biker jacket
and your bag is gorgeous.

Eline said...

I'm glad you're back again :)
You're looking wonderful!

Jane said...

You look amazing, as always!!!

Ika K said...

you look amazing!!! :) follow you! :) please follow me back:)

Miss Aa said...

have the same bag, brown leather bag never fail to give a gorgeous touch to every look :)

great shots :D

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Iga said...

You look very beautiful! Love your top ;)

xo Iga

Carly's closet said...

Beautiful outfit! I love it!

Carly's Closet

Ice Pandora said...

Oh dearie, you look amazing c:
but again, I'm a real fan of
your style! Love that paperbag
bag :P and good luck with your
sis wedding!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving this look! The bag is too cute! xx

Malu Swartjes said...

you look amazing!
Discover my Stylish Confessions♥

In Nature said...

I love this whole outfit, down to the paper bag purse!


TheFashionFraction said...

beautiful photos and look darling!

-telmasofia said...

Look amazing, I love your bag :D
xoxo, Chance to change

김동진 said...

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You look perfect, as always xx

weheartbeautyblog said...

Wow I LOVE the clutch! It's so unique how it rolls down. Great post, Jamie!

xox Lara

Johanna V said...

Gorgeous look, glad to have you back! ♥ xo

BananaModa said...

I am glad I found yoru blog! Been looking for people to inspire me and your blog definitely does that for me. Love it!

Lisa Conley said...

I'm new to your blog, but really enjoying it.
I'm a big fan of skirts/shorts with a leather jacket.
And the bag is too cute!

Lady Indo said...

Loving your outfit. Your schedule sounds so hectic! Eep >_<

Lady Indo

Sassi said...

this Outfit is perfect! I love that bag.

eloise fontaine said...

you look fab! so pretty. Love your blog ;)


Angela said...

love the looK)
great top)

Angela Donava

maria manuela Alloro said...

It's beautiful this bag, I remember It that was my object of desire but Idon't want it... Do you follow me on bloglovin???

In a Dolly's World said...

Oh, so love the heels and lunch bag pairing!! Can't wait to see you Friday!!!! :D

Carolyn said...

You look amazing!
<3 Carolyn

Anita - Fashion Attacks said...

Wish I could wear shorts too! Beautiful outfit dear!


Julie D. said...

Love that orange tone on you (& the matching nails too!). And your H&M denim adds just the right amount of edge.

Petite Femme said...

Fantastic outfit ! love your bag !

Lara Tura said...

Gorgeous! Love the colour and love the shoes!
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Dark Blue Stripes said...

Great tan accessories. Love the bag.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Kiara Schwartz said...

I love that clutch! So cute!

Tobruckave Blog
Tobruckave Instagram

Teeney said...

lookin good gf!!


instagram: @christeeney

Ekta Sheoran said...

You are looking gorgeous and your heels & bag are fabulous..Love them and want them:)

Greetings from India

likerose said...

nice look :)

Yulia Yudina said...

Great outfit! Adorable bag and pumps!

The Fierce Berry said...

such a beautiful clutch, loving it!


I think that your outfit is really beautiful and your adorable bag<3 Och, i love it :)

Peet said...

I love orange, just did a post on it actually...:) You look phenomenal, babe, very stylish!!

P.S.: Both you and your sister are getting married?! Your parents must be ecstatic.:D

Kate said...

really amazing outfit, love it! you look really great!
xx Kate

The Style Department

Heidi said...

Oh man! I need that lunch bag for myself!!! :) xx

Can't wait to see you on

l i s a z h a n g said...

love the bag!

chic yet casual at the same time!


Alela Sirah said...

Love this look! Your legs look wonderful!

A Fine Balance said...

I am absolutely loving the heels from zara and the pop of orange! :)

Kristen Snell said...

I love this outfit!!

Instagram: Cmichellestyles

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I looove this bag so much and how you've paired it. So cute! xE

Opposite lipstick said...


Amanda Chic said...

What a lovely outfit !!:)
twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge

A chic kiss ;)

FashionFlirt said...

Love the orange top and your bag is so cute! :D

GretchTM said...

Those heels are super adorable and that purse is so unique! Looking cute as always!

Théa Unknown said...

This outfit is so great!


Aubrey and Melissa said...

Beautiful top! Love the color and the hem!

Alela Sirah said...

Your legs are stunning!

Alice in La La said...

gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
check out our new blog – we’re hosting a giveaway to win a ‘First Light’ outfit!

lots of love from La-La Land

poldo napitupulu said...

adorable bag jamie

fhenny said...

so glad that i found your blog
the outfit is amazing
congratulations with the planning

style frontier

Valeriya Mamicheva said...

you look so sweet! welcome to my blog!

Petra said...

Amazing outfit. You look fabulous. Just found your amazing blog. I love your style and sense of fashion. I'm your new follower.
I wish you a great day.
xo, Petra

eliza1979 said...

great outfit. love your blog!!! I will be visiting often;o))

i am following you now so please follow me back


Cathy said...

The orange is stunning styled with this neutral mix! Color looks amazing on you too :)

Styleclouds said...

You look amazing! xo, Christina

Sara Cabido said...

Love the entire look, but the bag....oh my! the bag!!
Kisses from Portugal

Caromance C said...

Loove your top !! The color is great !

☼ ☼

Fash Boulevard said...

Gorgeous outfit. I love your bag, so unique.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post.

Render Sublime said...

Really nice, I ADORE the colour of your heels!!!

Cassandra Too said...

The color of the top is really cute! Chic outfit as well!
I am loving your pair of heels too!

with love, Cassandra xx

Touch Of Purple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Touch Of Purple said...

Simple and super elegant and stylish outfit!! =D
Love it!

Big kiss,

Jamie Taylor said...

great pics, love the tan combo!!
-from a fellow Jamie <3

Fleur Light said...

Lovely outfit. The colour really suits you and I love how you've styled it.


Tra Mi Nguyen said...

Amazing. Besides you're so pretty. Sorry for the question but are you Vietnamese?


I have a similar jacket from Urban Outfitters and it's just perfect. I practically live in it. Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love your heels!

Xo, Hannah

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit! Really beautiful colors

Cylia said...

I really love your outfit :)! and really liking the way you publish your pictures creatively.. love the text on all the pictures!

zine partage said...

trés jolie.. <3

Melanie Crd said...

Very nice outfit ! Orange is my favourite colour :)

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