fairy tales & enchanting forests.

Stylestalker mesh insert top | F21 cropped skinnys | H&M studded clutch | Jeffrey Campbell mariel wedges

As of late, the ominous weather has been on repeat. After spending a few hours in a storm shelter today, it seems like the ongoing maelstrom of tornadoes, hail, and severe thunderstorms remains persistent. It looks like we may receive a break in a couple of days, but the picture of sunbursts and mild winds still seems like a distant sailboat on the horizon. 

When I heard about what happened to Joplin, my mind was brought back to the time last year when I had a layover at DFW from my corporate trip to Mexico. My next flight was cancelled, and as all of us passagners scrambled to catch the next airplane out, I met a lady from Joplin. Since we had several hours to spare, we embarked on a little adventure to do away with "misery loves company." We played sudoko, tried dinner from an airport restaurant we each had never been to before (we both have had countless layovers at DFW), jumped up and down on the moving Skyrail, and shared stories of our local hole and the walls places. As we left for our separate flights, I remember her telling me that she hoped we would be acquainted again if I ever stopped by Joplin, even though we both knew that may never be the case. Yesterday when I heard the disheartening news of Joplin's devestation, my mind reverted to that memory and I couldn't help hoping that she was alright. Meetings with strangers like that are like beautiful shadows that linger, leaving you with a secret hoping that the stranger who brought their own share of happiness into your life is still walking around on earth just as you are. Please keep this region and those affected by the tornadoes in your thoughts and prayers.

On a lighter note, I find my affinity towards all things Australian has gotten the best of me (Alex O'Loughlin, anyone?) and I ended up getting this top from the the Australian label, Stylestalker. I feel like I have stepped out of a Brothers Grimm storybook everytime I wear it. This top is a dreamy mixture of heaven afloat and modern artwork. I love how it resembles a luminous koi gracefully darting to and fro amongst reeds in a water garden. This top will likely remain as one of my "go-to's" anytime I delve into my closet. It exemplifies simplicity at its best.


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Desirae said...

Such a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous top!! I love the color and the way it flows. Great pictures too.


Annika said...

your shoes and your shirt! it's so cute!!! :)


Ameline said...

I've been looking for a flowy top like that for ages now and yours is just PERFECT! <3

Hachi said...

Nice outfit!! Love the jeans & shoes especially~ I've been dying to get the Mariel in black, but I can't find them anywhere ;(

Petite and Hungry said...

love love love your top!!


Erika said...

Wow, what a beautiful story. It's such a beautiful thing when strangers have the ability to leave such an impact on you.

Also, you look stunning as always. I love the blouse and the wedges...perfect combination!

LyddieGal said...

I do hope your one time friend is okay, and maybe you can find someway to contact her.

Loving your dreamy top as well, it looks so comfy!

Chic on the Cheap

Jo said...

I love your wedges! They are stunning!


Raspberry Jam said...

Beautiful Top and wedges!



Shasie said...

I love this top and the moving picture! how fun!

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bestie said...

Such an enchanting little top! I love it. And your GIF is so cute. (:

Oh gosh, I hope she's okay too. All these devastations seem to be happening at record-speed intervals lately; it's quite heartbreaking.

In a Dolly's World said...

Love the GIF and the contrasting lip color the blends so well with such an amazing outfit. My prayers go out to the people in Joplin and I hope that you continue to stay safe!
In A Dolly's World

Kathleen said...

woww, we really DO think alike, and this wasn't the first time either! ;P. LOVE it. and i always love your storytelling in your posts, makes me feel at home. and def my prayers go out to everyone in Joplin.
hope ur having a great week so far girl!! and eek, so excited to meet ya soooon ;).

<3, Kathleen.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

that white shirt is so darling!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Vanessa Valdivia said...

The white top is simply amazing! also I love the shoes <3.

Hugs from:

Gawgus things... said...

Great outfit and love the moving pics - such fun! XX

Gal Meets Glam said...

I love the sheer sides of that top. You look lovely!

xo galmeetsglam.com

Valérie said...

i LOVE the shoes and the clutch <3

daraziivana said...

love the outfits so much !
especially the wedges !
wanna visit my blog dear ? :)


Michelle's Style File said...

LOVE your shoes, beautiful make up too!

Mary said...

Oh wow, that outfit is drop dead gorgeous! That blouse and those wedges...gosh I envy your wardrobe!

Marissa said...

I SO love those Jeffrey Campbell wedges! xoxo Marissa


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Loving this outfit - especially the shoes!

indie by heart said...

I totally fell for your skinny jeans and bag:> love the look.

xx indie by heart

Lie said...

I havent checked your blog for such a long time! :/ shame on me!

again, you look absolutely gorgeous. especially the shoes rock!
pretty you (:

fashion is for idiots [like us]

Catherine said...

My dear, what a lovely top! Gorgeous outfit, Love it <3

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Love your shirt! Beautiful!

FashionableAsians said...

LOOVEEE your outfit! Those shoes are freaking gorgeous, I'm am definitely trying to save up to get my first pair of JCs!

Anonymous said...

You look so great! :) the shoes are beeautiful - i'm in love. And the shirt on you - wow :) flowwyyyy :)

simplyvonne said...

i hope that lady somehow can find your blog and read this! and hope she is doing ok! what happended in joplin is just simply devastating!

btw look ur outfit!


Lee Oliveira said...

Love your style Jamie.
The blouse screams freedom..
lee x

Collections said...

Love your shoes and that top is great!

Fashionable Collections

GretchTM said...

Great outfit! You look lovely as always.

The weather has definitely been crazy here. Tornadoes are no joke and I hope everyone is alright.

asia said...

you look amazing !
i love your shoes !

Anonymous said...

Good thing is you are ok dear! Loving the pictures in motion and the wedges!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Frannie Pantz said...

On a serious note-I hope that woman is alright too! What a fond memory you have. On a more superficial note-I love that top on you. You look great as usual.

Andrea said...

Amazing pictures, love those shoes. Love your blog xx

Aura said...

This outfit looks like the perfect choice for holidays or, at least, foar a lazy weekend. i like especially the top.



Girl about town.... said...

What a beautiful outfit!
I love, love, LOVE the shoes!!

Girl about Town XxX

Sassy said...

Alla moda e con stile

Pieter said...

Great heels and top!
Love this outfit x


Julie Khuu said...

Such a sweet ensemble...plays to the softer side of you doll!

Love the kicks!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Hannah said...

Your writing reads so sweet and sincere :) I do think it's somehow magical when you cross paths with a stranger who leaves you such good memories. Do hope she is safe, as well as the others from Joplin.

Also, you're looking super pretty as always :) I love that dreamy sheer blouse and those fantastic wedges :)

Elizabeth Chaves said...

Amei seu cantinho e
Adoreei seu look
Estou te seguindo, me siga tbm..


Lilaanaa said...

so great , great shoes and pants

Britt+Whit said...

love love love! your JC Wedges!

love from San Francisco,

Stiene S. said...

I love your wedges!
You look great :)

Gaby said...

Love your shoess! And I enjoy having pleasant conversations with strangers too and I hope the women you met from Joplin is ok

- Gaby
From Rags to Glam

Amber said...

Love this outfit so much! Really chic.

Anonymous said...

I;m jealous of your shoes! You've got so many beautiful shoes!

Jenny Ong said...

Hahah cute gif! And I swear, you are the queen of JCs - you pretty much have every single pair. You look lovely girl xx

Dani said...

so pretty - the top is great. you have a great blog here, i love your writing style :)


Cara said...

You are absolutely gorgeous, I love your style!

These wedges are so lovely, and I am loving your blouse too, great look!
xo Cara

Christie said...

Beautiful top! So whimsical looking!

In Fashion and Style

Natali said...

lovely outfit, and your shoes is stunning!!

Shelby said...

i really love that gif

Beckerman Girls said...

Lovin' your white gauzy shirt...sooo gorgeous and fresh! You look stunning babe!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


According to Annika said...

That flowy top is pure perfection! You look so flawless, head to toe. Speaking of toes... oh how I wish those wedges were in my closet (or at least another pair just like them, I would never have the heart to take them away from you!). I bet they work with every single outfit!

I was so shaken when I heard about the situation in Joplin. You never know where the force of nature will strike down next. I do hope your "single serving" friend is safe.

I remember every person I've ever happened to spend a brief amount of time with while travelling and I often think about how their lives has turned out. I fly back and forth to Los Angeles a lot and that's a looong flight, I usually end up talking intensely to my seat neighbour for at least six hour. In that time, you find out so much about a person... and then you just never see eachother again. There's definitely something bittersweet about that.

Much love,
According to Annika

Allie said...

Such a pretty top! Loving the wedges.
xx Allie

Bren Herrera said...

definitely praying for the people of Joplin. So very sad. :) Love the shoes!! :) I'll be your newest follower. :)

B So Chic!

Wida said...

I feel so bad for Joplin. There's been really scary bad weather here in Ohio, and I can't even imagine how it is in Joplin right now!

But you look great!

Missing Amsie Blog

Morgan Jordan said...

Ohhhh my goodness, I love love love your wedges.


PS Your blog is fantastic so I'm following you! :)

Thu said...

Your Mariels look hot on you!

Tea for Two said...

Such a gorgeous sheer top! I love how it flows in such a delicate way.

<3 Kristina


20 York Street said...

I don't know which part of your outfit is the one I love the most! Love the flowy top but Im also salvating over those shoes!

Argh, those shoes!!


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Twenty York Street

Hayley said...

I love this outfit! The top, jeans & shoes are all stunning & so are you =)


Paulina said...

I am in love with your shoes!!!

stop by some time...

Arnold Teja said...

Fabulous. Loving every part of this outfit. You've done it again! Love the wedges!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so stunning. x hivenn

Juliet said...

I love the shoes! I hope sunshine on your way!

Juliet xxx

Angela said...

Ce look est tres sympa!!! Bravoo!!!!;)

Angela Donava

Stolen from Grandma said...

that top looks amazing on you! and your jeffreys are just so amazing!!! x


oh, dfw. i fly through there about once every 4-6 weeks and will be making my way through there tomorrow, actually. here's hoping i don't have any heinously long layovers! with the way the weather is behaving, i'm kind of counting on it, though. my heart has been breaking for the midwest, as of late.

on another note, i really like your simple, yet totally chic outfit!

Constance said...

So chic! x

Suzanne said...

Oh gosh! Your top is lovely!

lizzie said...

the story about the lady from Joplin was so, so touching. lovely post.
also your shoes are divine :) x

Boheme.Fille said...

You're always so stylish, Jamie! I love your blouse!

Sabrina said...

really nice style!
If you want follow me on blogger I will do the same!

fashion tnt said...

cool blog!!! nice pictures ;)

follow me I always follow back ;)

This Charming Style said...

You are so beautiful, I adore the colour combination! I'm in love with your top and wedges :) x

the nyanzi report said...


Elegantesque said...

Lovely white top, the outfit is simple but love the palette of color and the blending !!


Elegantesque said...

Lovely white top, the outfit is simple but love the palette of color and the blending !!


figo said...

cool post! i think you look great!

i just came across your blog. i think its great. maybe you can visit mine and we can follow eachother?!?



Viviana said...

beautiful top and the wedges are stunning!

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TMFA said...

love the GIF!

Chloe said...

I'm absolutely LUSTING over those shoes!


chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

Ette said...

Gorgeous as always!!

Peace & love
oxo, ETTE


Francesca Felix said...

love your shirt, shoes and complete outfit!!! you look adorable


Jordana Lilly said...

Jamie! I simply LOVE this white flowy top you are sporting here. Everything dreamy &fresh about summer combined into one blouse! Simply divine. I am also slightly obsessed with your bag haha. Soft, yet slightly edgy due to its studs. You look gorgeous, &that moving picture is just too cute<3

xx jordana

Jordana Lilly said...

ps - following!;)

Sandy said...

You look so beautiful! Love your shoes!

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Sara Louise said...

how does your make up always look flawless ! love the shoes too

Joanna K. said...

I just found out your blog!!
It's great following you!!
Check out mine I'd love your opinion!!

Daria said...

nice blog! :)
follow me if u like ^^

Kaya Joanna said...

those shoes <3 uuff


June Paski said...

pretty outfit, love ur mesh top and ur wedges is amazing!

M said...

Those heels are, once again, glorious. And I love the top - the lines are fantastic, and sheer floaty shirts have become my recent obsession.


chrysa said...

Very pretty outfit, specially the wedges and the top!

I like your pictures a lot and I have become your follower on bloglovin:) I would really appreciate it if you visited and followed me back:)

Thank you in advance!

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Jazzabelle said...

i adore how you have edited your photographs, plus your wedges are just beautiful! xx

Melina said...

I love your wedges! great post!

Renée said...

I am truly in love with those black wedges, I think they are the perfection of all wedges! I love the vintage look of your photos, and your blouse is so adorable!
Let me summarize: I love your outfit and I love your blog even more!

Enjoy your weekend! xo

Amber Blue Bird said...

i really love the billowiness (is that a word) of your blouse. The whole outfit is lovely.

Roz said...

What a beautiful, bittersweet description: 'meeting with strangers like that are like beautiful shadows that linger'. Yes, indeed. And yes, I'll be keeping Joplin in my thoughts.
You look very ethereal here.

Anonymous said...

good photos, visit my blog, can you follow me? :)

The Fashion Writress said...

This is beyond lovely hon! I am still in love with the wedges, you pull it off so welllll


Elisa said...

you have such an amazing style! love this outfit!


E said...

Uggh, I couldn't believe the photos of Joplin when I saw it. How terrible.

On a lighter note, I love your outfit and what stunning photos.

claradevi said...

Flowing tops!
In its perfect color. Pretty you here (and the rest of your photos... loved seeing them).
I can't help it to not being envious with your shoes too, it's so cuuuute i'd have one for myself!
I have great experience with Australian brands, they're awesome. Especially when their shipping cost is much more friendly than the US one :D

fromblank said...

love those shoes! xx


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

You're a beauty. Hot hot shoes.

Helen, X

LBVieVintage said...

Lovely lips!